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Mintu Kushwah, was born in India and was attracted to Bangkok where the owner met a foreigner who was impressed by his penchant for great food, presentation, and service. He then informed Kushwah about a restaurant which was on sale. Kushwah pounced quick on the lucrative opportunity and bought Indian Essence Art from him, who was struggling to make it successful.

The restaurant was located in the interiors of a lane and therefore did not attract much footfalls. It was a challenge to run the restaurant. Mintu Kushwah changed the nature and design of the menu in a short span of time, ramped up the services and the presentation to a level of desired excellence, and redefined the whole brand and the idea of fine dining with facets of contemporary and hi-tech hospitality and soon the restaurant picked up in its brand image and positioning in the customer mind.

The whole idea of brand building in the realm of fine dining & quick takeaways was refurbished by smart techniques of service, food presentation, nuances in preparation and customer relationship. From then on, it went on a take-off mode and is now the taste of the town as a three-star, state of-the-art dining experience. Letting their hair down, people flock to the restaurant today and enjoy the ambiance and offerings to the hilt. Thus, was born Indian Essence Art

Why Indian Essence?

best authentic
Indian Food

When it comes to food, Indian food also termed as curry tops the list of all foodies. However over time the authentic taste has disappeared and anything that is spicy and curry is termed as Indian Food. Indian Essence is one of the places where you will find authentic Indian Food. The place is run by some of the top Indian Chefs.

The team at Indian Essence has worked hard enough to bring the best of authentic Indian Food in terms of taste, quality and quantity. For all the Indian food lovers , or those who haven't tried the king of all cuisine, Indian Essence is a must visit place. Check Out our amazing new decor at Sukhumvit 22.

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